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InBody Consumer Products

Enhance your health at home with InBodyconsumer products, designed with ease and effectiveness in mind. Our items fit right into your routine, giving you smart ways to check on your health without a fuss.

Each product in the InBody consumer product line is engineered to empower you with actionable insights into your body's composition, supporting your well-being journey. These tools facilitate a hassle-free way to track and enhance your health status.

We're dedicated to more than just tracking body composition. Our products range from smart scales for complete body stats, to massage chairs for rest and recovery, PEMF devices for cell health, Biomat products for healing, and hyperbaric chambers to boost oxygen in your body.

Maximize Wellness With InBody Consumer Products

Elevate your personal health management with InBody Consumer Products, where innovative technology meets everyday wellness. These smart, intuitive tools offer a range of benefits, ensuring you stay aligned with your health goals with minimal effort.

Personalized Health Insights at Your Fingertips

Gain a deeper understanding of your physical health with our sophisticated scales and devices that provide detailed body composition analyses. Tailor your fitness and nutrition plans with the precise data you need for a healthier lifestyle.

Holistic Healing With Advanced Therapy Solutions

InBody's range includes therapeutic devices like biomats and massage chairs, which contribute to natural healing, relaxation, and muscle recovery, enhancing your overall wellness journey.

Enhanced Recovery and Performance

Boost your body's natural healing processes with InBody's state-of-the-art PEMF devices and oxygen-rich hyperbaric chambers. These products are designed to improve cellular health and increase oxygenation, supporting better athletic performance and recovery.

Empower Your Health With InBody Consumer Products From Carbon Wellness

Unlock comprehensive wellness monitoring with InBody Consumer Products, your at-home solution for precise health metrics and improved body awareness. These products offer advanced features and connectivity to enhance your well-being with ease and accuracy.

Next-Level Activity Tracking

Experience a wearable tracker that does more than count steps; it measures key body composition metrics and provides real-time notifications and health insights. With advanced sensors, you can track your fitness progress and body changes anytime and anywhere.

Accurate Body Composition Scales

Step onto a scale that offers more than just your weight—it provides a full analysis of your body composition, including muscle and fat mass. With intuitive app integration, track changes over time and make informed decisions about your health goals.

Precision Height Measurement

Measure height with medical-grade accuracy using a portable device featuring an ultrasound sensor. This device not only captures precise height measurements but also displays environmental conditions, ensuring accurate tracking for both children and adults.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my InBody scan more accurate?

To enhance the accuracy of your InBody scan, consistency is key. Perform the scan at the same time of day, ideally in a fasted state and after using the restroom. Avoid exercising or taking a shower right before your scan, as this can affect your body temperature and water distribution.

Wear light clothing and remove any metal jewelry or accessories that may interfere with the scan. By following these steps, you ensure that external factors do not skew your body composition results.

How reliable is an InBody scan?

InBody scans are widely recognized for their reliability when it comes to body composition analysis. Employing multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance technology, InBody scans provide a detailed breakdown of your body's components, such as body fat, muscle mass, and water weight.

Is InBody accurate after a workout?

It's advisable not to conduct an InBody scan immediately after a workout. Exercise can cause fluctuations in hydration levels and blood flow, potentially affecting the scan's accuracy.

For the most consistent and accurate readings, wait a few hours after exercising, allowing your body to return to its baseline state before undergoing a body composition analysis.

Can you drink water before an InBody scan?

Yes, but it’s best to adhere to your normal drinking habits on the day of an InBody scan. Drinking excessive amounts of water immediately before the scan could temporarily affect the distribution of water in your body, skewing the results.

To maintain accuracy, drink normally and avoid large intakes of water directly preceding the scan.


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    InBody PUSH Stadiometer InBody

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