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10-Liter Oxygen Concentrators

Uncover the solution to your respiratory needs with the selection of 10-liter oxygen concentrators from Carbon Wellness. Each unit in our lineup is crafted to merge user-friendly operation and top-tier performance, featuring controls that are straightforward to manage, silent operation, and designs that prioritize energy conservation.

Our 10-liter oxygen concentrator machines deliver an efficient and effective oxygen supply, giving you the superior respiratory aid you deserve, and simplifying your therapy. These devices are made to fit seamlessly into your daily life, offering features that enhance your comfort and make usage a breeze.

Boost your health by pairing your 10-liter oxygen concentrator with our wellness products. Use air purifiers for cleaner air, hydrogen water machines for better hydration, massage chairs for relaxation, and PEMF devices to help your body heal, creating a complete home health system that works well with your oxygen needs.

Upgrade to High-Capacity 10-Liter Oxygen Concentrators

Our 10-liter oxygen concentrators deliver a robust flow to match your oxygen needs with efficiency and reliability. Ideal for those who require more oxygen, these units ensure you're well-supplied throughout the day and night.

Continuous and Generous Oxygen Supply

Experience the benefits of a high-flow oxygen supply, as our 10-Liter Concentrators provide an ample amount of oxygen for extended periods, supporting your overall well-being.

Flexible for Daily Use and Professional Care

These concentrators are perfectly suited for both personal and professional settings, offering the flexibility to handle a variety of oxygen-related needs without compromising on performance.

Designed for Enhanced Oxygen Support

For anyone needing a higher volume of oxygen, these concentrators are tailored to provide a steady and reliable flow, ensuring your comfort and convenience.

Why Choose Advanced 10-Liter Oxygen Concentrators From Carbon Wellness MD?

Our oxygen products combine compact design with powerful capabilities to efficiently meet a range of oxygen needs. Some models in this series are the epitome of innovation, marrying portability with the ability to handle high-demand situations.

Versatile Oxygen Purity and Flow

Some of our models offer an impressive range of up to 96% oxygen purity, with an adjustable flow rate from 2 to 10 LPM to accommodate a diverse set of oxygenation requirements.

Thoughtfully Designed for Ease and Durability

These concentrators are engineered with user-centric controls, visible LEDs, reinforced cannula fittings, and a protected area for humidifiers, ensuring a combination of ease of use and robustness.

Adaptable to Pressurized Environments

Equipped to handle pressurized scenarios, some models come with the option to add a boost compressor that can effectively increase the output pressure, providing a broad range of solutions for various oxygenation contexts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many breaths is 10 liters of oxygen?

Ten liters of oxygen per minute can vary in the number of breaths it covers because everyone breathes differently. It's enough for a steady supply with each breath for most people when resting.

What is a high level of oxygen to receive?

A high level of oxygen is anything more than you would normally breathe in room air, which is about 21% oxygen. Ten liters per minute is considered a lot and is usually used when someone needs quite a bit of extra oxygen.

Is it safe to use oxygen concentrators every day?

Yes, using oxygen concentrators every day is safe if they are prescribed by a doctor. They help people with low oxygen levels breathe better and should be kept clean and working well for safety.

How do I use oxygen concentrators?

Using an oxygen concentrator involves plugging it in, turning it on, setting it to the flow rate your doctor said, and then using a tube to connect it to a nasal cannula or mask. Make sure the mask or cannula is on properly so you get the full benefit of the oxygen.