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Travel Oxygen Concentrator

Traveling with a medical condition doesn't mean having to compromise on your quality of life or mobility. Our curated collection of travel oxygen concentrators is designed to keep you energized and independent, no matter where your travels take you. Discover lightweight, FAA-approved devices that make it easier than ever to explore the world without limits.

Explore our collection of Hyperbaric Chambers, PEMF Devices, and Red Light Therapy to enhance your wellness lifestyle.

What Is a Travel Oxygen Concentrator?

A travel oxygen concentrator is a portable medical device that delivers oxygen therapy to individuals who require respiratory assistance. Unlike traditional oxygen tanks, these devices are small, lightweight, and do not require refills, as they pull in ambient air, compress it, and deliver it in a concentrated form. Our travel-friendly models ensure that maintaining your oxygen therapy regimen is convenient and hassle-free.

Benefits of Using a Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Travel

  • Mobility and Freedom: Lightweight designs and easy handling allow you to move freely and enjoy various activities without feeling weighed down.

  • FAA Approval: Our collection includes devices approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, meaning you can travel by air without any hassles.

  • Advanced Technology: Enjoy the latest innovations with quiet operation, adjustable settings, and long battery life, ensuring your comfort wherever you go.

  • No Refills Needed: The convenience of a portable oxygen concentrator means no more worries about running out of oxygen or finding refill stations.

Our Top Travel Oxygen Concentrator Picks

Drive DeVilbiss 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator 1025DS - features a high-pressure output of 20 PSI, making it an ideal choice for specialized applications such as glass blowing, where precise and powerful oxygen streams are critical. Its capability to provide a medical-grade oxygen concentration of up to 96% at a full 10LPM ensures that users receive the highest quality oxygen for therapeutic needs.

Pro O2 Pro 10 Oxygen Concentrator - combines compact mobility with dependable performance, featuring a high outlet pressure of 20 PSI and delivering oxygen concentrations of 90-95.5% +/-3%. At just 48lbs and with dimensions of 27.5 x 16.5 x 14.5 inches, it's designed for easy transport and setup. It comes with an integrated alarm system for safety and is an affordable, sleek solution for high-quality oxygen delivery.

How to Choose the Right Travel Oxygen Concentrator?

Selecting the right oxygen concentrator for your travels involves considering several key factors:

  • Weight and Size: Prioritize devices that are easy to carry and store.

  • Battery Life: Ensure the device can support your oxygen needs for the duration of your travel.

  • Flow Type: Choose between pulse dose and continuous flow models based on your medical requirements.

  • Extra Features: Look for additional features like easy-to-read displays, simple controls, and quiet operation.

Ready to go places? Check out Carbon Wellness for travel-friendly oxygen machines that are easy to take with you. Visit us to see all our helpful wellness items and find what you need for your next trip. Let's get moving!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you travel with an oxygen concentrator?

Yes, you can travel with an oxygen concentrator. Portable oxygen concentrators are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making them suitable for travel. However, it's important to check with your airline or transportation service for their specific policies regarding medical equipment.

What is the best oxygen concentrator for home use?

The best oxygen concentrator for home use is the Pro O2 Pro 10 Oxygen Concentrator from Carbon Wellness. It offers reliable, high-quality oxygen delivery in a compact and user-friendly design.

What is the smallest oxygen concentrator?

The smallest oxygen concentrator is the Drive DeVilbiss 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator 1025DS from Carbon Wellness. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between performance and portability.

Are portable oxygen concentrator safe?

Yes, portable oxygen concentrators are safe when used according to the manufacturer's instructions and under the guidance of a healthcare provider. They are designed with safety features and alarms to ensure proper functioning and alert users to any potential issues.