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InBody H20N Smart Weight Analyzer

by InBody
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InBody H20N Smart Weight Analyzer

Take a closer look at your body composition with the InBody H20N Smart Weight Analyzer, an innovative device designed to provide more than just your weight. Its technology, rooted in our professional-grade devices, offers precise and personalized body composition metrics from the convenience of your home.

As soon as the InBody H20N takes your measurements, the data is effortlessly transferred to the InBody App. This allows you to easily track your progress, share achievements, and remain focused on your health objectives. From weight to Basal Metabolic Rate, the InBody H20N analyzes your complete body composition. The smart weight analyzer leverages InBody’s four fundamental technologies to assess your Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, BMI, and Percent Body Fat.

Being a worldwide forerunner in body composition technology, we ensure the utmost precision and accuracy in your body composition data. The InBody H20N amalgamates ease-of-use, precision, and reproducibility, making it a reliable tool for your health journey.

Our patented 8-Point tactile electrode technology, featuring unique thumb electrodes, enhances the precision of the InBody H20N tests. By establishing a consistent and secure starting point for each user, it guarantees accurate and repeatable measurements. Connect the H20N to the InBody App via Bluetooth to enjoy additional outputs and track your complete test history, along with data from our other connected devices.

The testing procedure with the InBody H20N is quick and accurate, taking less time than your daily tooth-brushing routine. The device's simplicity encourages regular use, merging cutting-edge technology with user-friendliness. Unlike conventional smart scales that only measure your lower body, the InBody H20N provides a comprehensive body composition analysis. Equipped with both handlebar and footplate electrodes, it ensures an accurate analysis of your entire body, rather than estimates based on partial measurements.

The InBody H20N can accommodate an infinite number of users, making it an ideal tool for the entire family. Each test is initiated through the app, and results are uploaded via Bluetooth to the corresponding individual's profile. All your test results are recorded and organized in the InBody app, enabling you to monitor your progress, identify patterns, and share your data with your personal trainer or doctor. By allowing you to make adjustments based on precise data, it ensures that you consistently move in the right direction.

Using the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, the InBody H20N measures impedance across ten different points using two different frequencies in each of the five body segments. It implements the Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Method and the 8-Point Tactile Electrode Method. InBody is committed to providing accurate measurements and does not resort to empirical estimates.

The device's customized LCD screen displays vital outputs such as weight, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, and BMI. It operates on a low current and is powered by four 1.5V AA batteries. The device's dimensions allow for easy storage and it's lightweight for portable use. The InBody H20N can deliver your test results in just 8 seconds. It supports a wide user weight range, from 22 to 330 lbs, and accommodates a diverse height range, making it a versatile and user-friendly health tool.


InBody H20N Smart Weight Analyzer - 3

Embrace the future of health and wellness with the innovative InBody H20N Smart Weight Analyzer.

  • Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis: The InBody H20N offers a full-body composition analysis. Utilizing its cutting-edge technology, the device assesses weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, BMI, percent body fat, and basal metabolic rate.
  • Patented Electrode Technology: The InBody H20N employs patented 8-Point tactile electrode technology. This unique feature enhances the accuracy of your body measurements by ensuring a consistent starting point for each test.
  • Versatile App Compatibility: Your health data is instantly uploaded to the InBody App via Bluetooth. Track your progress, share results, and gain access to additional outputs from the convenience of your smartphone.
  • Quick and Accurate Testing: The InBody H20N delivers fast and accurate results. With a simple operation akin to standing on a regular scale, you can receive comprehensive data in less time than it takes to brush your teeth.
  • Infinite Number of Users: The InBody H20N accommodates an unlimited number of users, making it a suitable choice for the whole family. Each person's test results are individually recorded and stored on their profile.
  • InBody App Integration: With the InBody app, track your progress and adjustments based on accurate data. This feature facilitates effective decision-making, guiding you towards achieving your health goals.
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis: The device employs Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, measuring impedance across different body segments. This ensures a highly precise and comprehensive understanding of your body composition.
  • User-Friendly Design: The InBody H20N has a clear LCD screen, a wide weight and height range, and fast results delivery. This user-friendly design encourages consistent use and facilitates an enjoyable health-tracking experience.


InBody H20N Smart Weight Analyzer - 7
  • Dimensions: 12.2 (W) x 14 (L) x 2.3 (H) inches
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs (2.7 kg)
  • Includes: InBody H20N device, User manual, 4x AA Batteries
  • Power source: DC 6V (1.5V AA Battery 4 each)
  • Add-ons: InBody App (downloadable)

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