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Therasage Healing Pad Small - Worldwide Voltage (110-240v)

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Therasage Healing Pad Small - Worldwide Voltage (110-240v)

Imagine a heating pad, but crafted with advanced technology to do much more than just warm your skin. The Therasage Healing Pad Small provides that experience with the TheraFusion™ Instant Calmer™ technology. What sets this pad apart is its use of infrared heat. When you lie on this pad or wrap it around your body, the infrared heat penetrates deep, giving a sensation that's distinct from conventional heating pads. It achieves this through natural jade stones, which also produce negative ions and provide grounding therapy. This ensures you're not exposed to EMFs, commonly found in other pads that just warm the skin's surface.

Besides offering potential relief from pain, these pads might help enhance circulation and give your immune system a boost. If muscle spasms, cramps, or difficulties sleeping bother you, this pad could potentially offer relief. It's a leap ahead in the health and wellness domain, using future-ready infrared technology.

Another great feature of the Therasage Healing Pad Small is its global adaptability. Whether you're at home or journeying across continents, this pad has got you covered. Out of the box, it's equipped with a standard North America plug. But what if you're not in North America? No worries! With just a basic plug adapter suited for your specific region, you can easily operate this pad from anywhere in the world.

Every detail of this pad is crafted with care. It's soft, flexible, and shapes itself to your body. Embedded within are 60 individual jade stones, ensuring even heat distribution and further generating negative ions. You don't have to worry about harmful bacteria either; the material is antibacterial. Measuring 14" x 20" and about half an inch thick, it's sizable yet manageable. The LED safety controller is user-friendly, and the power cord is accommodating 12' long. Depending on your region, you can select the standard voltage or opt for the international pad that functions globally. It's lightweight, weighing just 2 lbs, and ships at 4 lbs.

Durability and safety are paramount. The pad comes with a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty. It adheres to international standards for electromagnetic compatibility, electrical standards, and low voltage directives. Manufactured in a quality-inspected facility, it boasts of international certification, having met ISO9001 Management System Practices. It's also listed with the FDA as a medical device and CMS as Durable Medical Equipment devices, ensuring it's been tested for bio-compatibility and material safety.


Therasage Healing Pad Small - Worldwide Voltage (110-240v) - 2
  • Worldwide Compatibility: Designed for every corner of the globe. While it comes with a standard North America plug, a simple regional plug adapter ensures its seamless operation anywhere.
  • Infrared Heat Technology: Harnessing the power of infrared, this pad goes beyond surface warming to deeply penetrate, offering potential relief from muscle and joint discomfort.
  • Natural Jade Stones: Infused with 60 individual jade stones, these ensure even heat distribution and generate beneficial negative ions.
  • Minimal EMF Exposure: Prioritizing your safety, the pad is crafted to expose users to negligible levels of electromagnetic fields.
  • Soft and Flexible Design: Contouring to your body, its soft, malleable design ensures maximum comfort during use.
  • Easy-to-Use LED Safety Controller: With user-friendly controls, you can effortlessly adjust and monitor your pad’s settings.
  • Antibacterial Material: Stay reassured of hygiene, as the pad is manufactured using material that resists bacterial growth.
  • FDA & CMS Listed: Not just effective, but also safe. Recognized by the FDA and CMS, ensuring you're using a quality medical-grade product.
  • Extended Power Cord: The 12' long power cord offers added convenience, allowing ease of placement and movement.


Therasage Healing Pad Small - Worldwide Voltage (110-240v) - 7
  • Dimensions: 14" x 20" and approximately 1/2" thick
  • Weight: Actual Pad Weight: 2 lbs (Shipping Weight: 4 lbs)
  • Includes: 60 Individual Jade Stones, Easy to Use LED Safety Controller, 12' Extra Long Power Cord, Antibacterial Material
  • Power Source: 45 watts (Selectable Voltage: 120V or 220-240 volt; compatible worldwide with appropriate plug adapter)

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