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Oxygen Concentrator Machines

Discover optimal breathing support with our selection of oxygen concentrator machines, designed for those who need reliable home oxygen therapy. Each product in our collection is engineered for simplicity and high performance, with easy-to-operate controls, quiet functionality, and energy-efficient design.

Our oxygen concentrator machines ensure effective oxygen delivery, providing you with the high-quality respiratory support you need without the hassle. They're built to integrate smoothly into your home routine, with features that cater to your comfort and convenience.

To enhance your health further, consider pairing your oxygen concentrator machine with our complimentary wellness products.

With air purifiers to cleanse your living space, hydrogen water machines, and PEMF devices and red light therapy to support your body's natural healing processes, you can create a comprehensive home wellness system that works in harmony with your oxygen therapy.

Benefits of Home Oxygen Concentrator Machines

Oxygen concentrator machines are essential for those seeking to improve their respiratory health, offering a continuous flow of oxygen-enriched air to ease daily living.

Alleviate Breathlessness

Individuals who struggle with breathlessness can find comfort using an oxygen concentrator. These devices help maintain a consistent supply of oxygen, making breathing feel less laborious and allowing for easier completion of everyday tasks.

Improve Energy Levels

By ensuring a higher oxygen level in the bloodstream, oxygen concentrators can combat fatigue. A more oxygen-rich environment facilitates better metabolism and energy production, allowing users to stay active and engaged.

Enhance Sleep Quality With Oxygen Therapy

Adequate oxygen levels contribute to deeper, more restful sleep. Oxygen concentrators can help maintain these levels throughout the night, potentially improving overall sleep patterns and leading to a more refreshed feeling in the morning.

Why Choose Oxygen Machines From Carbon Wellness MD?

Our range of oxygen concentrator machines is thoughtfully designed to support your oxygen needs with high efficiency and reliability, suitable for both personal and industrial applications.

Complete Portable Oxygen Concentrator Accessories for Every User

Each oxygen concentrator comes complete with a set of nose cannulas and an adult-sized face mask. We accommodate all users by offering additional children's masks, oversized masks, or oxygen splitters upon request at no extra charge, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience for each individual.

High Flow and High Purity Oxygen Concentration

Our advanced oxygen concentrators are capable of delivering up to 10 liters per minute with a high oxygen concentration of up to 96%. This makes them ideal for activities that demand a robust and consistent oxygen supply, such as glass blowing or for those in need of substantial respiratory support.

Compact, Durable, and Worry-Free Operation

Designed with over three decades of industry insight, our concentrators are not only compact and easy to move but also come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty. Their reliable performance is backed by a range of alarms to ensure safety and efficiency, so you can focus on your activities with peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you feel the air coming out of an oxygen concentrator?

Yes, you can often feel the air flowing from an oxygen concentrator. When you use the nasal cannula or face mask connected to the machine, you should sense a steady stream of air. However, the intensity of the airflow can depend on the specific settings of the oxygen concentrator. Higher flow settings will produce a more noticeable stream of oxygen, while lower settings may result in a gentler flow that some users might find less perceptible.

Does an oxygen concentrator produce 100% oxygen?

No, an oxygen concentrator does not produce 100% pure oxygen; instead, it delivers oxygen-enriched air. Most oxygen concentrators are capable of providing oxygen at concentrations ranging from 90% to 96%. This is typically sufficient for supplemental oxygen therapy and other non-medical applications like glass blowing where high-purity oxygen is required, but it is not the pure oxygen you would find in a medical-grade oxygen tank.

How long should you use an oxygen concentrator machine per day?

The duration of daily use for an oxygen concentrator machine varies based on individual needs and a healthcare provider's recommendations. For those using it for medical purposes, the prescribed usage can range from a few hours to continuous use throughout the day and night, depending on the user's oxygen requirements. It's essential to follow a doctor's guidance on how long to use the concentrator each day.

What level should an oxygen concentrator be set at?

The setting for an oxygen concentrator should be determined by a healthcare professional and based on the user's specific oxygen needs, which are usually measured through blood oxygen levels.

The flow rate, measured in liters per minute (LPM), will be prescribed to achieve the desired oxygen saturation in the blood. It's important to use the machine at the recommended setting and not to adjust the flow rate without consulting a healthcare provider to ensure effective and safe oxygen therapy.