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Power Plate Reigns Supreme: A Comparison of Vibeplate vs Power Plate

Power Plate Reigns Supreme

Vibration machines have become increasingly popular in recent years, and two of the most popular options are VibePlate and Power Plate. While both machines offer similar benefits, there are some key reasons why Power Plate stands out as the superior option

Key Benefits of Power Plate over VibePlate

Power Plate MOVE
Power Plate MOVE Vibration Platform


Superior Vibration Technology

Power Plate's PrecisionWave™ vibration technology is superior to VibePlate's. Power Plate's Tri-planar vibration allows for three-dimensional vibrations that are more effective at activating muscles than the linear vibrations of VibePlate. The Tri-planar vibration technology also allows for a wider range of frequencies, which means more customization and better results for users.

More Effective Muscle Activation

Power Plate's superior vibration technology leads to more effective muscle activation. A study by the University of Miami found that Power Plate's vibration technology produced significantly greater muscle activation than VibePlate's linear vibration technology. This means that Power Plate users will see better results in terms of muscle strength and toning.

Better Results in Less Time

Power Plate's superior vibration technology and more effective muscle activation leads to better results in less time. A study by the University of North Carolina found that Power Plate users saw significant improvements in muscle strength and power in just six weeks, compared to eight weeks for VibePlate users. This means that Power Plate users can achieve their fitness goals more quickly and efficiently.

Wider Range of Exercises and Programs

Power Plate offers a wider range of exercises and programs than VibePlate. Power Plate has a huge variety of pre-programmed workouts, as well as the ability to customize workouts based on individual needs and goals. Power Plate also offers a variety of accessories, such as resistance bands and mats, that allow for a wider range of exercises.

Proven Results and Endorsements

Power Plate has been used by professional athletes, celebrities, and fitness experts, and has been shown to produce real results. Power Plate has been endorsed by organizations such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. Power Plate move owners can trust that they are using a product that has been proven to work.


After comparing VibePlate and Power Plate, it is clear that Power Plate is the superior option. Power Plate has a wider frequency range, more power, and is more compact and portable than VibePlate. Additionally, Power Plate move has been scientifically proven to engage muscles in a consistent and controlled manner, making it a more effective option for fitness enthusiasts.

The biggest advantage of Power Plate vibration is its patented tri-planar vibration technology. This technology produces vibrations in three directions, which leads to better muscle activation and improved results. In contrast, VibePlate only produces vibrations in one direction, making it less effective for muscle engagement.

Thousands of professional athletes, doctors and fitness enthusiasts worldwide can’t be wrong. Power Plate vibration is not only the superior choice over VibePlate, but it’s the best whole body vibration platform on the entire market. If you’d like to learn more about any of our Power Plate models, feel free to give us a call at 888-963-9454.

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