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Carbon Wellness Verified Reviews From Our Customers

Carbon Wellness was formed in 2021 with the mission to provide people with the right tools for improving their health and living their best lives. In addition to selling the best health & wellness products on the market, we also aim to provide you with the absolute best buying experience. Here are a few reasons why you should shop with Carbon Wellness:

We put our customers first.

While many other online companies just want to make a quick buck, at Carbon Wellness, we are here to help you out every step of your healing journey. Whether that be giving you more information about a product via phone, email and chat, or assisting you with an existing order, our friendly customer service team is always happy to help you 7 days per week!


Lowest prices guaranteed and free shipping on most orders

When you shop at Carbon Wellness, you know you're getting the lowest price guaranteed! All of the brands that we work with adhere to strict pricing policies, so you can be rest assured that you are getting the best price possible when you shop with us. Check out our Price Match Guarantee for more details. 


100% secure online ordering

Our website has an active SSL certificate that protects all sensitive payment and personal information.
Based on 232 reviews
Very happy with the blanket!

I bought this PEMF blanket to use for my equine massage business. I'm extremely happy with it.

- First tested on myself with noticeable results, pain relief & blood flow for my legs and feet
- First horse I used it on reacted so well to it. He was sticking his tongue out and fluttering his eyes.
- Easy to use. Do have a power bank or extension cord to plug it into, it'll make things a lot easier.
- Sturdy.
- Easy cleaning.
- Straps a little confusing to figure out but I got it eventually.
- Best price for a PEMF blanket available.

If you're on the fence, totally recommend!

Amazing 🤩

Bought after being recommended to by a friend. Having health issues including many years of eye problems found using this a noticeably difference experienced relief in only 7 days thankfully. Still early days but nothing else has helped so looking forward to more health improvements. Highly recommended for this well made product.

Echo go plus I recommend you buy one!

I recently purchased the Echo go plus! My order was shipped fast! Carbon wellness had it shipped like the next day! I received the product in great condition packed safe and sound. This bottle is amazing! It is so soothing to watch it in action or maybe that’s just me. I can definitely feel a difference in my mental clarity and energy levels! I can’t wait to see the long term results as well.

One for him and one for her!

We read about the EchoGo and purchased a black one which Rick carries to work (long days, long commute, & physically challenging work). He immediately noticed a difference in his energy. So, we quickly ordered a second one for Becky. Within the first 12 hours she’s drinking more water. And, is looking forward to improved gut health plus reduced inflammation. Great product! Do we do anything special to register these wonderful machines for product warranty? Go buy one or two! You won’t regret it AND don’t fall for the knock-off scams!

Echo Go 💕

I am loving my Echo Go. It is very attractive for one and 2 it was love at first sip. Just knowing I am making an impact on my health by adding hydrogen makes me so happy. Being a holistic nutritionist finding ways to incorporate more healthy routines is always awesome. Water tasted refreshing and different, in a good way. It’s hard to explain but maybe it was my body taking in more hydrogen from water that it is not using to experiencing. My new routine is structure, hydrogen and drink 💕

Worth the money :)

Loving this product! I have been drinking more water since getting my Echo Go+ and feel that this product is worth the money!

Great product

I use the OMI everyday love it….

PEMF Horse Leg Wrap Rear

Game changer!
Compact design and targeted therapy make it ideal for addressing leg issues. My 24yr old TB was bit by a poisonous spider several years ago and has suffered with Lymphangitis ever since. This wrap keeps his leg looking normal and the swelling at bay. Exceptional product, outstanding customer service - I wouldn’t buy anywhere else but Carbon Wellness!

OMI PEMF Horse Blanket
Samantha Somers
PEMF Horse Blanket

My 24yr old is loving his PEMF blanket! He suffers from lymphangitis (and old age) this blanket helps him tremendously. He has less stiffness and swelling and is overall a much happier boy! The only thing that would make this blanket better would be a batter pack so he can wear while grazing. But otherwise amazing and super affordable!

Great Investment

The unit is good quality, nothing cheap about it. Excited to use daily!

Wonderful product

Finally received and I love it. Most important is the water tastes great. I have order two others but the water tasted nasty. This one it does not. So happy with this product.

Excellent product, excellent company

Just got my EchoGo+ yesterday, very happy. Feels like quality just holding it, professional packaging, fast delivery. I've read the research and decided to try this technology. I almost purchased a different one due to a misleading ad, thankfully I looked closely at the video (took a screenshot and zoomed in) to see the bottle being held was a different shape, then noticed EchoGo on it. So I checked out the website, read about them, and made my purchase knowing I didn't buy a cheap Chinese knock-off or a scam. I'm looking forward to experiencing the results, but after just 2 bottles yesterday I had a better night's sleep than I have in a few months. Coincidence? Maybe. Not placebo, for sure. I slept solid, and that's been a while. You'll be happy with your purchase. Cheers!!

Nothing beats a good night's sleep!


This has been a total game changer for me. I feel more energized or charged up. I also have increased my water intake since purchasing this as a gift. So excited for the long term results! I am going to order another one for myself because I like it so much.

Awesome Derek!

Echo Go+

Amazing Hydrogen Water bottle! Muscle recovery has been great after an intense workout!

Here's to many more intense workouts!


Best investment ever for your health! I have more energy since I started using my Echogo. It has also helped with my gut issues.

Agreed - health is wealth!


Wow, for the first time ever I have found a product that has been a life game changer! From my first glass I felt a difference and benefit! Hydrogen water is a true gift from Mother Natur me! Amazing!!

That's quite the compliment, thanks Julie!

Ideal for joint and muscle pain

I have and use both the full-sized OMI mat and one that fits nicely in a Lazy Boy chair. They go a long way toward relieving back and hip pain caused by serious injuries. They do have to be replaced every few years but they are worth it. I do make an effort not to bend them in any way and to keep a cover on the mats when in use.

Awesome to hear the OMI mats have been helping with back and hip pain!

Love ❤️

I love my echogo water bottle. I use it everyday and will be buying anything one soon.

Thanks Megan, glad it's getting daily use!

Echo Go

This hydrogen water bottle is the real deal. Don’t be scammed into buying a cheaper version. THIS is the bottle used by Gary Brecka who started this trend as well as Dana White. 100% worth the money.

The one and only!

Best in class

Within the market of “on the go” hydrogen water bottles. The echoGO is in a class of its own. The bottles engineering/manufacturing can only be surpassed by the health Benefits it provides! Watch the videos. Read the studies on the benefits of hydrogen water.

Couldn't agree more.

Great value, easy to use

Has become a part of our daily routine. The horses love it and it is easy to use!

wonderful, glad to hear the horses are loving it!

Awesome product and great customer service

First off, this product is American made!!! The penguin chiller arrived in a timely manner without any damages and in pristine condition. I bought the chiller for my DIY ice bath, which was super simple to install. The unit came with an easy to follow instructions and it’s simple to operate. The chiller quickly drops the desired temperature pretty quickly. I filled my ice bath with my water hose, which ended up to be around 58-60 degrees. I set my desired temperature at 45 degrees, which took the unit only three hours to reach that temperature.
Before I bought the unit, I had a couple of questions about their product and Nick responded to my questions quickly. Before the chiller was shipped, I was updated by Michelle that my unit is coming and attached the instruction manual to my email. That is awesome that they kept me in the loop about when I should be receiving my product. I had a good experience all around and I will definitely buy from Carbon Wellness again.Thank you.

Awesome John - love the setup and glad we were able to serve you!

Great product and customer service!

We purchased the Echo Ultimate water dispenser a while back and decided we wanted to get the Echo Ultimate Faucet to have a more finished look.
Installation was simple, the instructions were adequate and it has given us the options we needed with the touch of a button.
The only downside we have noticed is when selecting a specific type of water from the Home Screen we then have to re-select the one we wanted.
All in all, this is a great product and looks great.

Echo Go plus

I love it. Been using everything I have some water.

Awesome, glad you're enjoying your hydrogen water on the go!

Awesome Service from Nick!

Was in the market for a cold therapy chiller and ice barrel and came across Carbon Wellness via Google... at first I was skeptical because this site offered the cheapest price for both of these items and Reddit didn't seem to know much about this little gem of a website, but I was proven wrong when Nick reached out and got all my needs met! Great delivery, and extremely satisfied with the responses from his business :)

Thanks Tim, I'm glad we were able live up to your expectations. Happy cold plunging!