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Noblerex vs Power Plate: Why Power Plate is the Clear Winner (2023 Update)

Noblerex vs Power Plate

When it comes to whole body vibration machines, there are a ton of options on the market. Two popular brands are Noblerex and Power Plate. While both machines offer similar benefits, there are key differences between the two that make Power Plate the superior choice for those who are serious about optimizing their health & fitness.

Why Power Plate is the Clear Winner over Noblerex

Vibration Type

Power Plate MOVE
Power Plate MOVE

One of the biggest differences between Noblerex and Power Plate is the type of vibration they offer. Power Plate uses tri-planar vibration, which means the vibration moves in three directions, providing a more complete workout. This is in contrast to linear vibration, which only moves in one direction. The tri-planar vibration technology used by Power Plate is designed to stimulate muscles more effectively, leading to increased strength, flexibility, and overall health. This advanced vibration technology sets Power Plate apart from other brands in the industry and makes it a top choice for anyone looking to improve their fitness and well-being through whole body vibration training.

Vibration Frequency

Power Plate uses PrecisionWave™ Technology to send tiny vibrations through the body at a frequency of 50 Hz (up to 50 times per second). This high frequency is critical to the effectiveness of the Power Plate. It creates a wave of energy that stimulates muscles throughout the body, causing them to contract and relax rapidly. This contraction and relaxation cycle helps to improve circulation, burn calories, and assist with muscle recovery. By comparison, the Noblerex is only able to vibrate up to a speed of 28 Hz.


The amplitude, or height, of the vibration is also an important factor in the effectiveness of the Power Plate. The Power Plate has a high amplitude range of 2-6 millimeters, which is greater than many other vibration platforms on the market. This range allows for a greater variety of exercises and movements, which can target different muscle groups and provide a more comprehensive workout.


The G-Force, or gravitational force, is the measurement of the acceleration of the vibration. The Power Plate has a G-Force range of 0-6 Gs, which is also higher than many other vibration platforms. This range allows for a more intense workout, which can lead to greater muscle activation and faster results.

Science shows that optimal whole body vibration ranges for frequency, amplitude and G-force seem to be 25-50 Hz, 2-6mm, and 1-8 G’s. Indeed these are Power Plate’s ranges. The combination of these 3 factors make Power Plate a superior choice for whole body vibration therapy. The technology behind the Power Plate stimulates muscles throughout the body, leading to improved circulation, calorie burning, and muscle recovery.

Widest Range of Exercises

Power Plate machines offer a wider range of exercises compared to other vibration platforms. The Power Plate my7 model, for example, comes with over 1,000 exercise videos and a touchscreen display that allows users to easily select and customize their workouts. This variety of exercises allows for a more comprehensive workout that targets different muscle groups and improves overall fitness.

Most Models to Choose From

Power Plate pro7HC
Power Plate pro7HC

Power Plate has 8 different whole body vibration platforms to choose from, ranging from personal at-home models to vibration platforms designed for commercial use at fitness centers and hospitals. Whether you’re a patient looking for medical treatment or a pro athlete looking to optimize performance, Power Plate has the right model for you.
and training programs to enhance the vibration training experience. Power Plate machines are trusted by the NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB and many other leading organizations, which is a testament to their effectiveness and reliability.

List of Power Plate Models


Intended for


Personal Power Plate

Home use


Power Plate MOVE

Home use and Travel



Home use and light commercial use



Home use and commercial use



Commercial use



Commercial use



Commercial use - High Capacity



Commercial use - High Power


While both Noblerex and Power Plate offer similar benefits in terms of whole body vibration training, Power Plate stands out as the clear winner for those looking to optimize their health and fitness. With its superior tri-planar vibration technology, high vibration frequency, amplitude, G-force, and a wider range of exercises, Power Plate is designed to stimulate muscles more effectively than any other vibration platform on the market. Moreover, with 8 different whole body vibration platforms to choose from, Power Plate has the right model for anyone, regardless of their fitness level or goals.

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