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VBX Wellness

Shop Whole Body Vibration Platforms at Carbon Wellness. Our curated selection proudly features top-tier Whole Body Vibration Platforms by VBX Wellness.

Whole Body Vibration Platforms are amazing for your health. When you use them, they can make your body feel awake and full of energy. Your muscles may get stronger just by standing on them! They also potentially help make your bones healthy and can improve how well you balance. If you're trying to lose weight, these platforms may give you a helping hand. People with sore joints or those who need to move around more find them very helpful. Plus, it's safe to use. 

With VBX, you're not just exercising; you're taking care of your whole body and mind. Join the fun and get fit with VBX!


Top Considerations When Selecting a Vibration Platform:

Safety and Certification: It's paramount to choose platforms that uphold stringent safety standards. Ensure the vibration technology is endorsed for daily use.

Dimensions and Fit: The size of the platform should be appropriate for your space, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience during use.

User-Friendliness:  An intuitive interface, clear settings, and inclusive items such as a user manual, exercise DVD, and power cord make the platform straightforward for both beginners and experienced users.

Vibration Intensity: Platforms differ in their vibration capacities. Your chosen model should offer an array of intensities, catering to both gentle and more intense workouts.

Material and Construction: Prioritize platforms made of robust, top-tier materials for sustained stability and longevity. Constructed from robust steel, the VBX 4000 platform, for example, boasts two motors with both Triangular Oscillating Vibration and Linear Vibration. Its motor wattage is 800W each, and it has a total of six programs, three of which are pre-programmed, and three can be user-defined. 

Budget and Value: While it's essential to consider cost, weigh the platform's price against its features, overall value, and long-term benefits.

Customer Reviews: Authentic user reviews provide invaluable insights. Favor platforms that come highly recommended and have proven effective.

Brand Reputation: Opting for a brand with a good reputation, such as VBX, ensures you're making a sound investment, supported by both expertise and dedicated customer service.


Carbon Wellness Recommendations:

VBX 4000 Whole Body Vibration Platform - Designed for individuals seeking a unique and effective way to enhance their health and fitness. This technology, inspired by NASA, allows users to achieve significant health results with sessions lasting just 15 to 30 minutes, three times a week. The platform is suitable for both professional athletes and everyday people aiming to alleviate pain, enhance strength and stability, and shed weight. 

VBX 5000 Whole Body Vibration Platform - This platform is designed for individuals, including professional athletes and everyday people, who aim to achieve various health benefits without the need for intense physical workouts. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do these products come with a Warranty?
Yes, all our products come with a 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

How long will it take to receive my product?
You'll get your product quickly! We offer FREE & FAST shipping, and right now, products are being shipped in just 1-3 business days.

What conditions are your devices used to treat?
Our vibration platforms are designed to help boost energy, improve mood, sleep better, and strengthen muscles. They can also help increase bone density, improve balance, flexibility, and aid in weight loss. For those with joint and mobility issues, our devices can offer support and relief.

Are there any weight limits for using the platform? 
Yes, our platforms can support a maximum weight of 500 lbs.

How do I set up the platform?
Every product comes with a user manual that guides you through the setup process. Plus, we have an exercise DVD to get you started with workouts!

Can I use the platform every day?
Yes, our vibration platforms are safe for daily use. However, always listen to your body and consult with a health professional if you're unsure.

Is there customer support if I have questions?
Absolutely! You can contact us at anytime if you have questions or need help with your product.

What's the difference between the different vibration types?
We have platforms with Triangular Oscillating Vibration for a gentle wave-like motion and Linear Vibration for a more up-and-down motion. Both types offer unique benefits.


VBX Wellness is committed to promoting the benefits and understanding of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) as an important element of health and wellness.

We invite you to explore our product range to support your wellness journey through the transformative power of WBV.

Need help picking the best one for you? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or ring us at 888-963-9454.