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BioMat Professional 7000MX Infrared Mat

by BioMat
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BioMat Professional 7000MX Infrared Mat

Feel your pain and stress melt away, and discover the true meaning of rejuvenation with the world's #1 infrared mat. The BioMat® Professional 7000MX is an infrared healing mat that combines Far Infrared rays, Negative Ions, and the conductive properties of Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals to deliver targeted full-body therapy. This mat is designed to support pain relief, enhance sleep, increase blood circulation, reduce stress, boost energy, aid in cellular cleansing, and improve flexibility.

Suitable for both home and professional use, the BioMat® Professional 7000MX is beneficial for individuals seeking relief from muscle pain and joint discomfort. It promotes relaxation and stress reduction, which may lead to better sleep patterns and overall well-being. The increased circulation and energy levels may help in detoxifying the body and improving athletic performance or physical activity.

The effectiveness of the BioMat® Professional 7000MX is grounded in scientific research, including Nobel prize-winning studies and infrared technology endorsed by NASA. It meets the FDA’s standards as a Class II Medical Device, providing various health benefits like relieving minor muscle pain, enhancing local blood flow, easing joint pain and stiffness, supporting the immune system, and improving oxygenation of tissues.

Constructed with premium-quality materials, the BioMat® features a sophisticated control panel, a Texas Instruments IC chip, a safety-enhanced polarized plug, EMF interception capabilities, and a layer of amethyst and tourmaline crystals. The package includes a washable cotton pad for a comfortable treatment experience. The BioMat® Professional 7000MX represents a blend of advanced technology and quality craftsmanship, offering a comprehensive solution for those seeking a reliable therapeutic device.

BioMat Professional 7000MX Infrared Mat


BioMat Professional 7000MX Infrared Mat - 6
  • Far Infrared Technology: Generates heat that penetrates deeply to soothe muscles and joints, improving circulation and promoting relaxation.
  • Negative Ions: Emits ions that purify the air and may help reduce stress, aiding in better sleep and mood enhancement.
  • Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystals: These crystals amplify the therapeutic effects, aiding in deep tissue warming and improved energy flow.
  • FDA Class II Medical Device: Recognized for its potential to relieve pain, improve circulation, and support overall health without invasive procedures.
  • Customizable Settings: Features adjustable heat and timer settings, allowing for personalized treatment sessions tailored to individual needs.
  • Quality Construction: Built with durable materials, including a high-quality cotton pad for comfort and a reliable control system for safety and longevity.
  • Easy to Use and Maintain: Designed for convenience, it comes with a washable cover and intuitive controls, making it simple to integrate into daily routines.


BioMat Professional 7000MX Infrared Mat - 11
  • BioMat® Professional Size: 27.56″ x 72.84″ or 700 x 1850 mm 
  • Net Weight: 24.25 lbs or 11 kg without controller
  • Amethyst Weight: 16.53 lbs. Or 7.5 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when I’m getting Far Infrared?

The BioMat controls work similar to a thermostat with the far infrared / heat alternating with the negative ions. While the BioMat is in heating mode, you are getting the far infrared and heat. Once the BioMat has achieved its set point temperature, it will switch to Negative Ion emission. The two settings then alternate just as a thermostat alternates between heating a room and "resting" until the mechanism detects enough of a differential in the room temperature that it goes back into heating (heat + Far Infrared) mode again.

Does the amount of Far Infrared increase with the heat settings?

No. There are two sources of Far Infrared and Negative Ions: the Amethyst & Tourmaline crystals, and electrical generation. The presence of Far Infrared and Negative Ions from the Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals is static. The presence of Far Infrared and Negative Ions from electrical generation only depends on you turning on the BioMat (for Negative Ions) and selecting a heat temperature (for Infrared).

Do the Negative Ions run all the time?

Yes, and no. See the above answer, and this is a reminder that independent of the heat or “On” setting you have chosen, Amethyst and Tourmaline emit Negative Ions naturally, as it is a natural property of those stones.

How does the BioMat compare to FIR Saunas?
  • Deeper penetration of 6-8 inches on the BioMat, compared to 2-3 inches in a sauna
  • Addition of Negative Ions on the BioMat which neutralize Positive Ions (i.e. free radicals)
  • Protection from EMF on the BioMat
  • Size – easier to store and move the BioMat
  • Cost – BioMat is significantly less expensive

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