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Tyent Hybrid Ultra Filter Set: Fits Hybrid Countertop Water Ionizer

by Tyent
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Tyent Hybrid Ultra Filter Set: Fits Hybrid Countertop Water Ionizer

The Tyent Hybrid Ultra Filters are advanced water filters made to fit your Hybrid Countertop Water Ionizer. They clean your water really well, so it's about as pure as it can get. These filters use a super tiny hole size—.01 micron—the same size as the machines doctors use to clean people's blood in kidney treatments. 

The filters come in a dual set to make your water 99.9% pure. The first one is called the Primary ACF Fiber Active Carbon Filter. This one grabs hold of stuff like rust, dirt, and chlorine, so you're not drinking any of that. The second filter is made of a special mix of ceramics, and even adds electrolytes to your water.

While other filters might only focus on removing harmful substances, Tyent's Ultra Filters also add positive minerals to your water. That can help make it better for your body in several ways.

With Tyent Hybrid Ultra Filters, you're not just filtering water; you're upgrading it to be as beneficial for your health as it can be. Plus, you can easily enjoy this top-notch water right from your countertop, making it super convenient.

Tyent Hybrid Ultra Filter Set: Fits Hybrid Countertop Water Ionizer


Tyent Hybrid Ultra Filter Set: Fits Hybrid Countertop Water Ionizer - 2
  • .01 Micron Filtration Level - This feature uses a .01 micron hole size to trap contaminants. It's the same level of precision used in kidney dialysis machines, ensuring the highest possible water purity.
  • Dual Set Filters - A dual-filter setup provides two layers of protection. The first layer removes larger contaminants, while the second layer focuses on finer particles. Together, they achieve 99.9% purity.
  • Primary ACF Fiber Active Carbon Filter - This is the first line of defense in the dual filter setup. It's engineered to remove impurities like rust, dirt, and chlorine from your water, resulting in a clean and fresh taste.
  • Secondary Composite Ceramic Filter - Beyond just filtration, this secondary filter adds valuable electrolytes to your water. Made from a specialized ceramic blend, it enriches your water for better health benefits.
  • Compatible with Hybrid Countertop Water Ionizer - These filters are built to perfectly match your existing Tyent Hybrid Countertop Water Ionizer, ensuring a hassle-free replacement and optimum performance.
  • "Ultra Plus" Filtration - While other filters focus solely on purification, the "Ultra Plus" feature adds beneficial minerals. This gives you water that isn't just clean, but also healthy to drink.


Tyent Hybrid Ultra Filter Set: Fits Hybrid Countertop Water Ionizer - 1
  • Includes: Primary ACF Fiber Active Carbon Filter, Secondary Composite Ceramic Filter
  • Power Source: Compatible with Tyent Hybrid Countertop Water Ionizer (Power Source of Ionizer)
  • Add-ons: Dual Set Filters for 99.9% Purity "Ultra Plus" Filtration for added beneficial minerals
  • Filtration Level: .01 Micron
  • Compatibility: Fits Hybrid Countertop Water Ionizer

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