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InBody BPBIO 320S Blood Pressure Monitor Package

by InBody
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InBody BPBIO 320S Blood Pressure Monitor Package

Welcome to a new era of blood pressure monitoring with the InBody BPBIO 320S Blood Pressure Monitor Package. This state-of-the-art product is more than just a blood pressure monitor—it's a personalized health consultant, offering fully automated, high-precision, and user-friendly insights.

The BPBIO 320S leverages cutting-edge technologies to ensure every measurement is consistently reliable. Guided by a user-friendly voice feature, the device takes you through a simple, single-step measurement process. Furthermore, its unique elbow sensor assists you in finding the perfect position for accurate testing, making this advanced monitor an effortless addition to your daily health regimen.

Beyond personal use, the BPBIO 320S seamlessly integrates into diverse environments. This versatile health kiosk fits perfectly into hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and more; providing invaluable health data in any setting. In addition, it connects seamlessly with your InBody unit, merging biometric and body composition results to offer a comprehensive profile of your health.

The BPBIO 320S is a commitment to clinical accuracy. The product is built upon the foundation of clinical validation, featuring an innovative elbow groove and adjustable stool. These attributes work together to ensure your body is positioned perfectly for every reading, achieving superior accuracy each time you test.

Moreover, the BPBIO 320S is the epitome of convenience. It's auto-calibrated, portable, and space-saving, offering contact-free measurements for hygienic conditions. The optional disposable cuff barrier further emphasizes sanitary testing conditions.

The device also offers the advantage of rapid self-testing. Its user-friendly design and voice guidance enable you to measure your blood pressure in just 45 seconds. You can choose from multiple result receipts, and the device even offers a test history result sheet, simplifying your health data tracking.

Despite its compact size—with product dimensions of 17.7 in. x 19.3 in. x 11.2 in. (L x W x H) and stand dimensions of 15 in. x 18.1 in. x 32.3 in. (L x W x H)—the BPBIO 320S is a powerhouse of features. Using an Oscillometric measurement method, it offers a 7-Segment LED display for systolic, diastolic, time, and pulse readings.

Weighing just 20 lbs, the device is easy to move, and its database can store the last five measurements for reference. It's powered by AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz, and features a high-speed thermal printer for immediate results. With an accuracy of ± 2mmHG (Pressure), ± 1.5% (Pulse), and a cuff size accommodating arm circumference between 7 – 16 inches, the BPBIO 320S leaves no room for error.

A unique safety feature of the BPBIO 320S is its dual safety system, which ensures an automatic deflation of the cuff if the air pressure exceeds 300mmHg. The [EMERGENCY] button is a fail-safe that ensures the quick deflation of the cuff at any pressure level.

With the InBody BPBIO 320S Blood Pressure Monitor Package, you're investing in more than just a product—you're choosing clinical-grade precision, uncompromised convenience, and unmatched reliability. This product represents an investment in a healthier, better-informed you.


InBody BPBIO 320S Blood Pressure Monitor Package - 1

Experience the innovation in healthcare monitoring with the InBody BPBIO 320S Blood Pressure Monitor Package.

  • High-Precision Monitoring: The BPBIO 320S delivers accuracy and reliability, leveraging advanced technology for precise and consistent measurements every time you check your blood pressure.
  • Ideal Integration: Beyond personal use, the BPBIO 320S seamlessly fits into various health facilities. Its compatibility with InBody units provides a comprehensive health profile.
  • Clinical Accuracy: This device takes precision seriously. Its ergonomic design and adjustable stool put users in the perfect position, ensuring precise results with each test.
  • Unparalleled Convenience: Auto-calibrated and portable, the BPBIO 320S offers effortless measurements in a space-saving design. The optional disposable cuff barrier promotes sanitary conditions.
  • Rapid Self-Testing: Ease of use is key with BPBIO 320S. Users can measure blood pressure in just 45 seconds, with the aid of voice guidance and multiple result receipts for easy tracking.
  • Compact yet Powerful: Despite its compact size, this monitor offers a wide measurement range, a high-speed thermal printer for instant results, and a database for storing previous measurements.
  • Superior Safety: The BPBIO 320S integrates a dual safety system that ensures automatic cuff deflation if the air pressure exceeds safe limits, with an emergency button for immediate deflation.


InBody BPBIO 320S Blood Pressure Monitor Package - 2
  • Dimensions: Product: 17.7 in. x 19.3 in. x 11.2 in. (L x W x H); Stand: 15 in. x 18.1 in. x 32.3 in. (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Includes: BPBIO 320S Blood Pressure Monitor, Adjustable Stool, High-Speed Thermal Printer, User Manual
  • Power source: AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Add-ons: Disposable Cuff Barrier (Optional), Test
    History Result Sheet

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