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OMI PEMF MiniMat / Chair Mat - 24" x 16" PEMF Therapy Pad

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OMI PEMF MiniMat / Chair Mat - 24" x 16" PEMF Therapy Pad

The OMI PEMF MiniMat is a premium magnetic field therapy chair mat created for natural healing and mental well-being. It is a 24-inch by 16-inch pad made in Europe and is FDA Registered and CE certified.

This therapy device can potentially provide chronic pain relief, bolster bone health, enhance sleep quality, treat specific neurological conditions, and support overall mental health. A key function of the OMI PEMF MiniMat is to improve micro-circulation in the body, reduce inflammation, and speed up recovery processes. Additionally, it can neutralize the negative effects of harmful electromagnetic fields from electronics.

When using the OMI PEMF MiniMat, users won't experience any heating or vibration. The mat produces low-intensity, low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields that aim to restore the blocked ion flow and stimulate the body's regeneration processes. It's designed to improve cellular health and increase circulation in blood vessels.

The package includes the PEMF pad, a control unit, a DC adapter, and a user manual. The pad is crafted from PU leather and polifoam for durability and comfort. It offers three programs for frequency adjustment, with a frequency range of 1-99 Hz. With the OMI PEMF MiniMat, users have a straightforward tool for potential health improvement.


OMI PEMF MiniMat / Chair Mat - 24" x 16" PEMF Therapy Pad - 2
  • Potential Chronic Pain Relief: This therapy mat might offer solace to those battling persistent pain, acting as a supplementary tool in your wellness journey.
  • Supports Bone Health: The PEMF technology utilized in the MiniMat is designed to promote healthier bones, a boon for users seeking bone strength and vitality.
  • Enhances Sleep Quality: By potentially harmonizing the body's internal rhythms, the MiniMat can pave the way for improved sleep patterns and restful nights.
  • Neurological Condition Treatment: The MiniMat's features might aid in managing specific neurological disorders, providing an additional layer of care and support.
  • Improves Micro-Circulation: Designed to optimize the body's tiniest blood vessels, the MiniMat seeks to enhance overall circulation and promote quicker recovery.
  • Neutralizes Harmful Electromagnetic Fields: The MiniMat's technology works to counter the potential adverse impacts of everyday electronics, safeguarding users from potential electromagnetic disturbances.
  • User-Friendly Controls: With its intuitive control unit and a detailed user manual, navigating the MiniMat's functionalities becomes a hassle-free experience.
  • Durable and Comfortable Design: Crafted with a blend of PU leather and polifoam, the MiniMat offers both resilience and comfort during therapy sessions.


OMI PEMF MiniMat / Chair Mat - 24" x 16" PEMF Therapy Pad - 1
  • Dimensions: 24 x 16 inch (60 x 40 cm) 


  • Applicator: PEMF pad 24" x 16"
  • Control unit
  • User manual
  • Technical specifications


  • Three pre-set frequency programs: P1, P2, P3
  • Frequency range: 1-99 Hz
  • Maximum intensity: 210 microtesla or 2 Gauss.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cynthia Russano
Ideal for joint and muscle pain

I have and use both the full-sized OMI mat and one that fits nicely in a Lazy Boy chair. They go a long way toward relieving back and hip pain caused by serious injuries. They do have to be replaced every few years but they are worth it. I do make an effort not to bend them in any way and to keep a cover on the mats when in use.

Awesome to hear the OMI mats have been helping with back and hip pain!

Thomas T.
Fast shipping, good communication, great price.

Ordered the OMI MiniMat from Carbon Wellness about 2 weeks ago. Shipping got started pretty quickly, arrived within 5 days of ordering - totally fast considering I ordered it over and Friday and shipping had to get going over the weekend. Product is in great shape

Been using it every other day, since receiving it. I use it based on a combination of as described in the user guide and what I have read in scientific studies. Hope it works.

Thanks Thomas - we appreciate your business!

Lisa deSouza
Worth Every Penny

I have known about PEMF for a while. However, going to a private practitioner or buying one of those big professional systems is very pricey. I wasn't sure that something so small would work but boy does it! I lie on it for 30 minutes every night when I am winding down from my day and in a very short period I am seeing amazing results. Not only has it helped with sore muscles, it has relaxed me, helps me sleep better, and has increased metabolism. One of the best things I have bought!

Sarah W
Love it

I am a big believer of PEMF therapy for recovery on the daily and from injuries. This makes it easy to use at home and the company is very nice to work with.

Clifford Mosier Clifford Mosier
Mini mat pemf

Good device

OMI MinMat

This is my first PEMF product. My therapist highly recommended the OMI MinMat specifically for nervous system relaxation, migraines, and mitigating EMF waves (from phones, computers, etc.). I have only been using it for about a week and don't expect to see results for a little while longer. However, it is very straightforward and easy to use. I like that it is portable. The whole order process and set up were very easy. Shipping was fast. My only complaint is I wish there were more information in the instructions about which frequencies/programs are best for certain issues - that would be very helpful!

Hi Sophie, I'm glad you're enjoying your MiniMat. Please have a look at OMI's frequency chart here:


We have a full length omi pemf mat and it’s great but my wife wanted one she could use sitting up as well as for our dog. This mat meets those needs and it has the same setting options as our full body mat. OMI’s website has a list of settings for various conditions. Our dog loves it…when we put it on his bed and cover it with a blanket he lays down and goes straight to sleep (he prefers the sofa and historically hasn’t used his bed much). He likes the mini mat so much that he will “ask” for it by standing by his bed and staring at us until we get out the mat and blanket. No joke. Between my wife and my dog (they both have arthritis in their spines and our dog also had arthritis in his hips and knees) I haven’t used it but they both love it. It works well and is more cushioned than our full body mat. It’s versatile and portable. Highly recommend this mat. It’s a great option and if the full body mat isn’t in your budget you won’t go wrong with the mini. Ordering from Carbon Wellness was easy and shipping was fast.

Thanks Gege - glad to hear your dog is loving the minimat! These things are great for pets.


Product has been very beneficial to my day to day. Looking to invest in other OMI products.

Awesome to hear that PEMF has benefited you. Reach out when you're ready to order more OMI products and we'll get you an existing customer discount!

John K
OMI MinMat

Just purchased the OMI MIniMat from Carbon Wellness. Shipped very quickly, arrived within 3 days. Been using it everyday for 3 days as described in the user guide. Not expecting immediate results for my peripheral neuropathy but my feet feel oddly warm while using the device, so I'm expecting results.

Thanks John, it was our pleasure to help you.