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OMI PEMF Horse Rear Leg Wrap

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OMI PEMF Horse Rear Leg Wrap

The OMI PEMF Horse Rear Leg Wrap is designed to support your horse's rear leg tissues, specifically ligament injuries, swollen tendons, or exercise-induced issues.

Using gentle magnetic fields, this wrap generates small electrical currents in your horse's body. These currents might help in enhancing blood circulation, potentially aiding healthier cell functions, potentially improving nutrient absorption, assisting in waste removal, and possibly stimulating the regeneration process. While these effects can vary, they may contribute to a better recovery environment for your horse's legs.

PEMF Therapy is notable as it taps into the body's natural potential to heal. It’s a non-painful procedure for the horse, and there are no known side effects, making it a potential treatment option for many horses.

Your package will contain the Rear Leg Type applicator, a control unit, and an AC adapter. A user manual is also included for guidance. The entire package weighs 2.6 lb (1.2 kg).

On the technical front, the wrap is equipped with six copper induction coils and an AC adapter. It comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind. The applicator is made of PU leather combined with sponge for comfort. There are three program choices: P1 has a fluctuating frequency, P2's frequency changes at random, and P3 lets you set your desired frequency, ensuring flexibility for your horse's therapy sessions.

OMI PEMF Horse Rear Leg Wrap


OMI PEMF Horse Rear Leg Wrap - 2

The OMI PEMF Horse Rear Leg Wrap is a precision tool designed to support your horse's rear leg tissues and address specific concerns efficiently.

  • Gentle Magnetic Fields: This wrap employs magnetic fields, which create minor electrical currents in your horse's body, potentially aiding in various health aspects.
  • Tailored for Specific Concerns: Targeted for ligament injuries, swollen tendons, or exercise-induced issues, ensuring focused care where it's needed most.
  • PEMF Therapy: This therapy potentially taps the horse's innate healing abilities, offering a pain-free experience with no known side effects.
  • Comprehensive Package: The package includes a Rear Leg Type applicator, control unit, AC adapter, and a user manual, ensuring you have everything to get started.
  • Technical Specifications: Equipped with six copper induction coils and an adaptable frequency range, it offers flexibility and precision for each therapy session.
  • Comfort and Quality: The applicator combines PU leather with sponge, ensuring comfort for your horse, backed by a reassuring 2-year warranty.
  • Program Flexibility: Three program choices allow a customizable experience, from fluctuating to stable frequencies, catering to varied therapy needs.


OMI PEMF Horse Rear Leg Wrap - 3
  • Weight: 2.6 lb (1.2 kg).
  • Includes: Rear Leg Type applicator, Control Unit, User Manual.
  • Power Source: AC Adapter.
  • Add-ons: Six copper induction coils.
  • Material (Applicator): PU leather and sponge.
  • Frequency Range: 1-99 Hz.
  • Programs: P1 (fluctuating frequency), P2 (random frequency), P3 (user-defined frequency).
  • Warranty: 2-Year Warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Samantha Somers
PEMF Horse Leg Wrap Rear

Game changer!
Compact design and targeted therapy make it ideal for addressing leg issues. My 24yr old TB was bit by a poisonous spider several years ago and has suffered with Lymphangitis ever since. This wrap keeps his leg looking normal and the swelling at bay. Exceptional product, outstanding customer service - I wouldn’t buy anywhere else but Carbon Wellness!

Mindy Henderson
Nice product

Nice product wish it was battery operated too.