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OxyLife 2ATA – Premium Monoplace Oxygen Therapy Chamber

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OxyLife 2ATA – Premium Monoplace Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Experience the OxyLife 2ATA – Premium Monoplace Oxygen Therapy Chamber, a revolutionary hard shell hyperbaric chamber designed to replenish your body with revitalizing oxygen and leave you feeling stronger, healthier, and more energized with each session.

OxyLife 2ATA prioritizes your comfort as much as your health. The chamber boasts a pressure-sealed door, ensuring an uncompromised and safe oxygen therapy session. Slide it open with a gentle push, thanks to its anti-friction bearings, and step into a luxurious, antibacterial leather-like interior that cradles you in comfort. A high-quality resin fiber loop mattress and pillow, mainly air at its core, enables efficient heat and moisture dissipation, ensuring optimum ventilation. Plus, this revolutionary chamber maintains an optimal temperature throughout the year, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Your safety is further secured by an automatically controlled pressure system. The intelligent microprocessor system maintains the desired air pressure, balancing the pumping system and air inlet rates. If any malfunction is detected within 60 seconds, it promptly shuts off the compressor, ensuring your safety. The chamber is user-friendly, allowing you to manually adjust the compression/decompression speed, treatment pressure level, chamber temperature, and session time. These settings can be mirrored inside and outside of the chamber, so the operator has full control over the therapy session.

The chamber's design revolves around the patient's safety, comfort, and convenience. The dual over-pressure safety mechanism and patient quick stop button, along with an automatic depressurization feature in case of a power failure, ensure maximum safety. The chamber is also equipped with an antibacterial interior, two layers of air filters, and a patient-controlled ear pressure equalizer, ensuring a comfortable and safe therapy session. The Wi-Fi connection feature allows you to send session data to another device for easy monitoring.

The OxyLife 2ATA is available in two different sizes. The OXYLIFE I/80 model has dimensions of Ø 80 × 220 L cm with a volume of 1156 liters and weighs 90 kg. The OXYLIFE I/90 model, on the other hand, has dimensions of Ø 90 × 220 L cm, a volume of 1463 liters, and weighs 105 kg. OXYHELP INDUSTRY offers a manufacturer warranty of 2 years with an option to extend it to 3 years.


  • Durable and Cost-Effective: Built to last, the OxyLife 2ATA ensures low running costs and minimal maintenance, making your investment count.
  • Comfort-First Design: The pressure-sealed door and antibacterial leather-like interior guarantee optimal comfort, ensuring every therapy session is a pleasant experience.
  • Advanced Control System: An automated pressure system and intuitive interface offer full control of your therapy, tailoring sessions to your unique needs.
  • Safety Features: The chamber boasts dual over-pressure safety mechanisms and automatic depressurization, prioritizing user safety in all scenarios.
  • Superior Air Quality: With two layers of air filters and an air-filled system with a BIBS mask, OxyLife 2ATA ensures unparalleled air quality during therapy.
  • Communication Convenience: Two-way communication and Wi-Fi connectivity offer ease of operation and real-time session data sharing, enhancing the user experience.
  • Variety in Sizes: Available in various diameters, it caters to all users, significantly reducing noncompliance due to claustrophobia.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: With a 2-year warranty, extendable by another 3 years, OxyLife 2ATA offers peace of mind alongside improved health.
  • Swift Service and Maintenance: A promise of technical intervention within 10 working days worldwide ensures uninterrupted access to the wellness you deserve.


  • Dimensions (OXYLIFE I/80): Diameter: 80 cm, Length: 220 cm
  • Dimensions (OXYLIFE I/90): Diameter: 90 cm, Length: 220 cm
  • Weight (OXYLIFE I/80): 90 kg
  • Weight (OXYLIFE I/90): 105 kg
  • Includes: Oxygen Therapy Chamber, Control System, BIBS Mask, Leather-like Interior, Resin Fiber Loop Mattress and Pillow
  • Power Source: Mains electricity, Automatic Pressure Control System
  • Add-ons: Optional Air Conditioning, Oxygen
    Concentrator, Video + Sound system, Wi-Fi Connectivity

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