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Summit to Sea Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber

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Original price $12,995.00
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Summit to Sea Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber

The Summit to Sea Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber is the epitome of comfort and value. A favorite amongst health clinics, this mild hyperbaric chamber boasts a 40-inch diameter and measures 90 inches long; enough room to lay down, sit up, or accommodate 2-3 people at one time. For a solo session, there’s even enough room to move around and exercise inside the chamber.

Crafted with precision, the Grand Dive features two high-efficiency electric air pumps, patented sound suppression, and in-line air filtration. Summit to Sea’s signature double vent system ensures the chamber can safely reach a maximum air pressure of 4.4 PSI without fail. Accessibility is another huge selling point for this model, featuring double-sided full-length zippers that facilitate effortless entry and exit, operable from both inside and outside.

Weighing in at a total weight of 127 pounds, the chamber is portable yet robust. It's fitted with two auxiliary valves and two viewing windows, making the experience inside light and airy. The package includes additional perks like four round foam bolsters connected in a cradle, and for easy transportation and storage, a carrying case and frame is provided with your purchase.

All Summit to Sea models are FDA-cleared and come with a 2-year warranty manufacturer’s warranty, with extended warranty options also available for purchase. Summit to Sea chambers are proudly designed and made in Minnetonka, Minnesota.


  • Spacious Design: With a 40-inch diameter and 90-inch length, you can get cozy during your sessions. It comfortably accommodates up to three individuals, allowing room for exercise and movement.
  • Advanced Oxygen Delivery: High-efficiency electric air pumps, coupled with patented sound suppression and in-line air filtration, ensure optimal air quality and minimal noise.
  • Double Vent System: Prioritizing safety, the chamber's dual vent feature ensures it can reach up to 4.4 PSI without any concerns.
  • Easy Access: Double-sided zippers, which extend the full length of the chamber, facilitate a hassle-free entry and exit from both the inside and outside.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Weighing in at about 127 pounds, this chamber promises easy transportation and setup without compromising on its durability.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: Summit to Sea stands behind the quality of their chambers with a 2-Year Warranty + extended warranty options that cover all components.
  • Free Shipping: Save $275 on your purchase by shopping with Carbon Wellness


  • Dimensions - 40-inch diameter x 90-inch length
  • Weight - Approximately 127 pounds fully assembled
  • Includes - High-efficiency electric air pumps with patented sound suppression and in-line air filtration, double vent system, double-sided full-length zippers, two auxiliary valves, two viewing windows, four round foam bolsters connected in a cradle, carrying case, and frame.
  • Power Source - Electric air pumps
  • Add-ons - 10L Oxygen Concentrator, Cannulas + Facemask (free with purchase of concentrator), Hyperbaric Air Cooler

Frequently Asked Questions

Why go with Summit to Sea?

Summit to Sea offers top-tier, FDA-cleared soft shell hyperbaric chambers, with a pressure rating of 1.3 ATA (4.4 PSI). Unique safety features include a power outage alert and dual pressure-regulated valves. Additionally, we are the sole provider of Vertical chambers, allowing you to relax in your preferred chair while you undergo treatment.

Are the chambers easy to set up?

Yes, assembly is straightforward and typically completed in 30-40 minutes by two individuals. We supply comprehensive videos and manuals to guide you through the process. Summit to Sea also supports assembly queries via phone daily. For convenience, you can select our On-Site Installation service during checkout for an additional fee.

Is a prescription necessary to purchase a chamber?

Yes, a prescription from a doctor is required for the purchase of a home hyperbaric chamber. We offer a quick and affordable telehealth service for obtaining a prescription, or you may consult your personal physician.

Why should I add an oxygen concentrator to my hyperbaric chamber?

Integrating an oxygen concentrator with your chamber helps enrich the ambient air with higher oxygen levels, enhancing the therapeutic benefits. This combination has been reported to boost treatment efficacy by 30-40%.

Where are the chambers coming from, and what is the delivery timeline?

Our chambers are dispatched from Minnesota and generally reach your doorstep within 6-10 days.

What is a standard treatment protocol?

We recommend a session duration of 60 minutes, five times a week. It’s possible to extend sessions up to two hours, but they should be spaced at least five hours apart.

What does your warranty cover?

Each chamber comes with a two-year warranty covering parts and labor. There is an option to extend this warranty for up to three additional years within the initial two-year period.

How do I get the 10% Military/First Responder discount?

To claim your 10% discount, please send your Military or First Responder ID to for verification. Upon approval, we will send an invoice reflecting the discount.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Betsy T.
Helpful During Checkout / Fast Shipping

This was a big purchase that took a lot of consideration and we had a lot of questions (before purchasing and during set-up) and the team was really responsive. The chamber also arrived at our doorstep six days after we ordered it -- which we were so greatful for!

Scott K.
Summit to Sea Hyperbaric

The service, delivery and set up instructions were very good and useful from Carbon Wellness. For the chamber, overall it is good, but I would like to have some type of clip inside the chamber to hold the oxygen tube/mask. The floor stabilizers do have a tendency to push in on the person before it compresses, so it's a little uncomfortable at first, and sometimes the mat needs to be adjusted once inside the chamber.

Excellent Comfort

My husband and I spent several months researching HBOTs. We went as far trying a few treatments locally, before purchasing. The 40” is big enough for the both of us. I was surprised to not feel claustrophobic, as that was my fear. The communication with Carbon Wellness & Summit to Sea was fantastic. I 100 percent recommend the silencer AND the ac unit. These items will make your experience that much more enjoyable. Cheers to your health!