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Summit to Sea Grand Dive Pro Hyperbaric Chamber

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Original price $17,995.00
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Summit to Sea Grand Dive Pro Hyperbaric Chamber

The Summit to Sea Grand Dive Pro Hyperbaric Chamber is one of the largest and most reliable mild hyperbaric chambers on the market. With a diameter of 46”, the entrance has been designed for easy access and is sufficiently wide enough to accommodate a patient in a stretcher. Double-sided zippers on the front of the chamber also allow patients to easily enter and exit the chamber from both the inside and outside.

Inside this FDA-cleared, American-made chamber, there's space for up to three people, or if you prefer, enough space for one person to exercise. The chamber is equipped with two compressors for consistent airflow and operates on a standard 120V 15 AMP outlet.

The design includes two large windows for visibility, an auxiliary valve, and a double vent system that safely achieves up to 4.4 PSI. The entire unit weighs 198 pounds assembled and comes with a carrying case for transportation. It also features efficient electric compressors with sound suppression and air filtration. The Grand Dive Pro Hyperbaric Chamber is yet another excellent model from Summit to Sea that has been built for ease of use, space, and safety


Summit to Sea Grand Dive Pro Hyperbaric Chamber - 1
  • Large Diameter: Boasting a 46" diameter, this chamber stands out as one of the most spacious mild hyperbaric options available, offering comfort during sessions.
  • User-friendly Entrance: Designed for hassle-free access, the chamber's wide entrance can even accommodate a stretcher, though not included.
  • Double-sided Zippers: Ensuring convenience, the zippers on this chamber can be operated from both its inside and outside, facilitating easy entry and exit.
  • Durable PVC Frame: Crafted from furniture-grade PVC, the frame promises durability and stability for users.
  • Spacious Interior: With enough room for up to three people, it also provides a solo user with ample space to exercise while undergoing therapy.
  • Efficient Power Use: The chamber operates seamlessly on a standard 120V 15 AMP outlet, ensuring straightforward plug-and-play functionality.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with two compressors for consistent airflow, it prioritizes user safety throughout the session.
  • Clear Visibility: Two sizable windows are incorporated into the design, allowing users to stay connected with their surroundings.
  • Weight and Portability: At a manageable 55 pounds and paired with a carrying case, the chamber is designed for easy transportation.
  • Sound Suppressed Compressors: The electric compressors are engineered with sound suppression, ensuring a quieter and more peaceful therapy experience.


Summit to Sea Grand Dive Pro Hyperbaric Chamber - 2
  • Dimensions: 46" in diameter x 102" in length
  • Weight: 198 pounds fully assembled
  • Includes: External furniture-grade PVC frame, double-sided circumferential zippers, double vent system, one auxiliary valve, two large viewing windows, elevated platform, carrying case, and high-efficiency electric compressors with patented sound suppression and in-line air filtration.
  • Power source: Standard 120V 15 AMP outlet

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