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Summit to Sea Grand Dive Vertical Hyperbaric Chamber

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Original price $16,995.00
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Summit to Sea Grand Dive Vertical Hyperbaric Chamber

Summit to Sea’s Grand Dive Vertical Chamber is the most spacious vertical “soft shell” chamber that you’ll find anywhere. Perfect for both home use and clinics, the Grand Dive Vertical features a patented upright design and is arguably the safest soft hyperbaric chamber on the market.

The Grand Dive Vertical delivers concentrated oxygen at 1.3 ATA (about 11 feet below sea level), which has been shown to speed up the development of new blood vessels and boost blood flow to areas of the body with poor circulation. Mild hyperbaric therapy has been found to safely strengthen the immune system, enhance brain function, and promote cell growth and repair, among many other health benefits.

With a base measuring 40 inches in diameter standing 90 inches tall, the Grand Dive Vertical offers a welcome alternative to conventional “lie-down” chambers. Pull up a comfy chair, relax, crack open a book or put on your favorite movie during treatment. In just one hour per session, five days per week, you can reap the health benefits of mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the convenience of your home.

The inside of the chamber has a bright, airy feel and features a durable viewing window so you can see outside the chamber while you are receiving your treatment. No more feeling claustrophobic or isolated during your hyperbaric therapy sessions!  

At Summit to Sea, keeping you safe during your sessions is our highest priority. The Grand Dive Vertical is armed with advanced safety features such as a dual ventilation system and pressure regulating valves for achieving a safe and continuous pressure of 4.4 PSI. In the event of a power outage that would cause the compressors to stop functioning, the chamber will alert the user with a loud alarm.

Our chambers are designed to be very easy to use. The Grand Dive Vertical features an internal and external zipper system for effortless entering and exiting the chamber. In addition, the chamber’s two electric air pumps use sound suppression technology, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your hyperbaric therapy with minimal noise.


Summit to Sea Grand Dive Vertical Hyperbaric Chamber - 4
  • FDA-Cleared: For 30+ years, Summit to Sea has manufactured Class II chambers approved by the FDA and the devices are continuously reviewed to ensure quality and safety.
  • American Made: Our models are made in the United States using high-quality materials from both the US and Europe.
  • Pressure Regulating Valves: Preprogrammed pressure-regulating valves ensure a continuous and steady flow of air pressure during the session. A working pressure of 1.3 ATA / 4.4 PSI is retained while the valves exhaust old air and replace it with fresh air.
  • Buckles: Our buckles are designed for maximum comfort and security.
  • Ultra Quiet Compressors: Our sound-suppressing compressors allow you to enjoy your session with minimal external noise. They’re small, compact and made for continuous usage; the perfect long-term solution for your chamber.
  • Chamber Frame: Our frame is light and highly-durable. It can be assembled and disassembled in just a few minutes.
  • Dual Release Valve System: The Grand Dive Vertical comes with two pressure release valves, so you always have a backup.
  • Viewing Windows: Stay connected to the outside world via a sturdy 5-layer viewing window with a reliable seal.
  • Inside + Outside Zippers: The internal chamber pressure is securely sealed by an airtight zipper, while the external portion of the chamber is durably secured with a with a heavy-duty external zipper.


Summit to Sea Grand Dive Vertical Hyperbaric Chamber - 2
  • Dimensions: 54 inch diameter at base, 40 inch diameter at top x 6.5 feet tall
  • Weight: 146 lbs fully assembled
  • Includes: chamber, frame, antibacterial carpet, compressors (2), carry bag, accessories
  • Power source: Works with standard 15-20 amp outlet
  • Add-ons: hyperbaric air cooler, external oxygen concentrator

Customer Reviews

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Outstanding Customer Service, even AFTER the sale

We purchased a Summit to Sea HBOT, and an oxygen concentrator from Nick a few months ago. He was terrific at always getting back to us, always being available for zillions of questions. He didn't always know the answer, but he would contact the right person and got us an answer very quickly. In addition, we didn't realize till after the HBOT arrived and we tried it out that it was just too small for our preference. Nick facilitated a speedy and stress-free return without even one problem. It was truly a pleasure working with his company. I would recommend anyone looking for health products to see Nick.