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Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chamber Air Cooler

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Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chamber Air Cooler

The Cool Hyperbarics Air Cooler is a device designed to effectively cool Summit to Sea hyperbaric chambers. It's different from most coolers because it can reduce the internal temperature of the chamber to 5 degrees below the room's temperature. Many other coolers only aim to decrease the temperature by a small amount, making them less effective.

This air cooler has a unique feature: it draws out the warm air from the chamber, cools it, and then sends it back in. It operates using a zero pressure differential and a 30 plate heat exchanger. This allows it to reduce the chamber's temperature by 20 to 30 degrees and keep it 2-3 degrees below room temperature.

Mildew, a common problem with other units, is not an issue with the Summit to Sea Cooler. The package comes with everything needed for operation: two pumps, a cooler chest, a heat exchanger, and all necessary hoses and fittings. The Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chamber Air Cooler offers an effective and straightforward solution for cooling hyperbaric chambers.


Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chamber Air Cooler - 2
  • Tailor-Made for Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chambers: This unit is crafted exclusively for Summit to Sea, ensuring top-notch compatibility and cooling performance.
  • Exceptional Cooling Capacity: Achieve a consistent 5-degree temperature drop inside your chamber, making your sessions cooler than the surrounding room, for absolute comfort.
  • Innovative Design: Its unique patent-pending construction promises efficiency, guaranteeing that noticeable, refreshing difference in your chamber's environment.
  • Mildew-Resistant: Bid farewell to mildew concerns. This cooler’s superior build quality ensures a clean and healthy environment, distinguishing it from lower-priced competitors.
  • Optimal Solution for Comfort: Designed with user comfort in mind, this cooler offers a tangible solution to achieving the perfect chamber ambiance every time.

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