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Therasage TherAir - Professional Model

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Therasage TherAir - Professional Model

The Therasage TherAir - Professional Model is a specialized air treatment device that turns regular oxygen into a more energized form called singlet oxygen. Think of it like giving the air you breathe a power-up, which can potentially improve your health and energy levels.

So, what is singlet oxygen? It's a type of oxygen molecule that holds more energy than the regular oxygen we breathe. Plants make it during photosynthesis, and it's better for us to breathe. The Therasage TherAir does the same thing but inside a machine. When you use it, you might experience a number of benefits like fewer free radicals, better detoxification, and higher energy levels. It can even help lower your cholesterol and rejuvenate your body.

If you have specific health issues like asthma, heart problems, or even some kinds of neurological diseases, the Therasage TherAir may help in treating them. This is because the energized oxygen it produces can be inhaled or even used to make activated water to drink. It's a natural and non-invasive form of therapy, making it safe for both kids and adults who want to boost their physical and mental well-being.

We often forget that every cell in our body needs energy to function properly. When something goes wrong, we can feel out of balance, and diseases can take hold. Therasage TherAir aims to help with this by providing a form of oxygen that can assist our bodies' natural processes. The device gives our cells a better 'charge,' enhancing your overall health and possibly delaying signs of aging and illness.

One of the cool features of this device is its air filtration system. Our air is often filled with pollutants, which can be harmful to us. Therasage TherAir filters these out and gives you cleaner, more energized air. It has advanced features like specialized Infrared photon energy and patented catalyst configurations, making it a powerful tool for any health clinic.

But it doesn't just stop at air; it also works on water. The device uses its technology to charge water molecules in the air, making them more energized. This is known as "EZ water," and it's much more effective in delivering energy to our bodies. Imagine the health benefits of "forest air," but in your own home. This enhanced air lasts for up to five days, offering you extended protection from negative environmental factors.

In essence, the Therasage TherAir - Professional Model uses specialized light frequencies to activate oxygen and water molecules, giving them a boost of energy. This helps restructure both the air and water, making them more beneficial for your body. So, if you're looking to make a positive change to your health without invasive treatments, this might be the device for you.


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  • Singlet Oxygen Activation - Transforms regular oxygen into singlet oxygen, an energized form that could offer multiple health benefits such as detoxification and improved energy production.
  • Air Filtration System - Features a top-tier air filtration mechanism that captures pollutants, providing you with cleaner and healthier air to breathe.
  • Specialized Infrared Photon Energy - Employs specialized Infrared photon energy to activate the oxygen and water molecules, further enhancing their biological benefits.
  • Patented Catalyst Configurations - Utilizes patented catalyst configurations to ensure the most efficient conversion of regular oxygen to singlet oxygen for maximal impact.
  • FDA Device Listing - Carries an FDA device listing, assuring quality and safety for users aiming for a natural, non-invasive therapy option.
  • Intensity Controls - Offers multiple intensity controls, allowing you to customize the device's output to suit your individual health needs and preferences.
  • Concentrated Energized Breathable Atmosphere - Produces a specially energized atmosphere that can be easily inhaled, making it a valuable addition to any health-focused setting.
  • Air-Restructured Water - The device also has the ability to restructure water, making it more biologically active and beneficial for consumption.
  • Long-lasting Benefits - The effects of the energized air and water can last for up to five days, providing extended health benefits and protection from environmental stressors.

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