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Tyent Alkaline H2 HYBRID Above-Counter Water Ionizer

by Tyent
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  • 💧2.5-11.0 pH Range*
    💧Up to -1150 ORP*
    💧Up to 1.8+ ppm Molecular Hydrogen*
    💧Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost and Turbo Boost
    💧*Results Dependent on Source Water Conditions

    The Tyent Alkaline H2 Hybrid is the world's first ever Alkaline-Hydrogen Hybrid Water Ionizer!

    With the H2 Hybrid, you can use the LCD touch screen to choose any water you want. Hydrogen water, alkaline water, neutral water and acid water are all at your fingertips.

    All Tyent Water Ionizers carry a Platinum Lifetime Warranty and include the following free gifts:

    • Solid/Mesh Hybrid Upgrade ($225 Value)
    • Free Lifestyle Kit ($60 Value)
    • Free Shower Filter ($75 Value)
    • Free Ultra Filters Upgrade ($130 Value)
    • Free Spray Bottle ($50 Value)
    • TM-X Beauty Soap ($25 Value) 

      • LCD Display & Touch Screen
        choose from h ydrogen, alkaline, neutral and acid water.

      • Powerful Dual Filtration System
        The Industry's BEST filters produce the purest water with TM-Ceramic and Carbon Block filtration!

        With membrane multi-layer filtration, the HYBRID Water Ionizer removes suspended solids over 0.5-5microns such as rust, mud, sand, and sediment. Due to the nature of the depth-filtration process, the filtration performance and product life are incomparably outstanding!

        Traditional carbon block filters are known for problems where carbon breaks away due to a decrease in binding force. Since Tyent applies an M/B filter core on the inside, our filters prevent carbon from breaking away.

      • Front-Load Filter Replacements
        A simple filter replacement system with a one-touch filter reset setting makes replacing filters easy for anyone and everyone!

      • Dimensions: 11.8in (W) x 5.3in (D) x 13.8in (H)
      • Weight: 12.12lbs
      • Water Outflow Level:
        • Alkaline [pH 8.5 〜 10.0]: Alkaline 1,2,3
        • Neutral [pH 7.0 〜 8.0]: Neutral 1
        • Hydrogen [pH 7.0 〜 8.0]: Hydrogen 1
        • Acidic [pH 4.5 〜 6.5]: Acidic 1,2
        • TURBO: TURBO (strong-Alkaline: pH 10+, Strong Acidic: pH 3 and under)
      • Power Supply: HYBRID SMPS (8A)
      • Power Voltage: 110V/220V
      • Materials: Platinum and Titanium
      • Electrolyzer: Alkaline/Hydrogen Hybrid
      • Filter Structure: 2 Filters
      • Filter Materials: Carbon Block, UF, TM Ceramic
      • Filter Longevity: 3,600L (6 to 9 months)
      • Control Type: Touch Screen, Jog Dial (Hydrogen Water Button)
      • Convenient Function: Automatic Cleaning, Voice Announce, Time Mode, Quantity Selection
      • Safety Function: Automatic Stop Function, Supplying Water Sensor, Door Sensor
      • Setting Function: Volume Control, Adjustable pH, Filter Reset, Language Setting