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Tyent UCE-13 Plus Water Ionizer - Luxury Showroom Edition

by Tyent
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Tyent UCE-13 Plus Water Ionizer - Luxury Showroom Edition

The Tyent UCE-13 PLUS is a state-of-the-art water ionizer designed to transform your regular tap water into ionized, alkaline, or acidic water. Through a process called electrolysis, it adjusts the pH level and boosts the water's hydrogen levels up to 1.8 ppm using Hydrogen Boost Technology. This allows you to enjoy water that is not only purified but also customized to offer many potential health benefits.

The UCE-13 PLUS has an incredibly wide range of settings that allow you to adjust the pH from 1.7 to 12.5, depending on what you need the water for. For instance, you can set it to produce alkaline water at your preferred pH level for drinking water or making coffee. You can also set it to produce the perfect acidic level for washing fruits and veggies, cleaning dishes, or even washing your face. With its highly customizable settings and 6 pre-set options to choose from, you can conveniently get the perfect pH level for your water, every single time. The LCD touchscreen and jog dial were designed to make customizing and selecting your water levels so simple that anyone can do it.

The UCE-13 PLUS features the industry’s thickest plates and largest plate surface area on the market. The patented 13 Hybrid/Mesh plates are made of titanium that's been dipped in platinum multiple times, ensuring the top-tier performance and long-lasting durability. We’re so confident in the durability of our plates, that every UCE-13 Plus is backed by a Platinum Lifetime Warranty, so you’re covered on parts and labor for life.

Using the machine is super simple. It has several preset levels to make it easy to get just the right type of water for your needs. For daily drinking, you can start with Alkaline 1 at 8.0 pH, and gradually move up to 9.5 pH. Many people use 9.0 pH water for making coffee, tea and watering plants. You might use 10.0 pH for washing veggies or making rice. Then there's purified neutral water at 7.0 pH for taking medication or making baby formula. You may also use acidic options (2.5 to 6.5 pH) for cleaning fruits and veggies, washing silverware, or even cleaning your pores.

The Tyent UCE-13 PLUS is loaded with free gifts to add even more value to your purchase. You get upgrades like a free Lifestyle Kit, a Shower Filter, Ultra Filters, a Spray Bottle, and even a TM-X Beauty Soap. Give us a call and we’ll even throw in an extra set of Filters valued at $159 if you mention this promotion.


  • Hydrogen Boost Technology - This feature enhances the water's antioxidant levels up to 1.8 ppm. It adds molecular hydrogen, which may offer health benefits when consumed.
  • Adjustable pH Range - The device lets you modify the pH level of your water between 1.7 and 12.5. This range is ideal for various uses like drinking, cleaning, and even gardening.
  • User-Friendly Interface - The touchscreen and jog dial are encased in a sleek satin silver stainless steel finish. It allows for easy navigation and straightforward operation.
  • Quantity Select Feature - The first in the industry, this feature lets you specify the exact amount of water you need, helping you avoid wastage and make precise selections.
  • Automatic Cleaning - This ensures the device maintains itself by initiating automatic cleaning cycles, making long-term maintenance a breeze.
  • Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates - Made from medical-grade titanium dipped in platinum, these plates are both durable and efficient. They offer superior electrolysis distribution for consistent performance.
  • Platinum Lifetime Warranty and Free Gifts - Each purchase comes with a Platinum Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind, along with free lifestyle and filtration upgrades valued at over $500.
  • Compact Design and Easy Setup - Weighing only 12.3lbs and with dimensions designed to fit most spaces, the installation and setup are straightforward, thanks to its user-centric design and easy DP cable hook-up.



  • Ionizer Size: 14in (W) x 5-3/8in (D) x 14in (H)
  • Dispenser Size: 11.5in (H) x 2in (D)


  • 12.3lbs


  • Advanced interactive touchscreen technology
  • User-Friendly Jog Dial
  • Industry's First Quantity Select Feature
  • Customizable Automatic Cleaning
  • Easy DP Cable Hook-Up
  • Solid/Mesh Hybrid 13 plates dipped and baked

Power Source:

  • Rated Voltage: 100-240V a.c 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 55 adjustable levels

  • Operational Controls: Advanced interactive touch screen technology
  • Purifying Mode: TM Filtration Mode
  • Operating Pressure range: 0.1 - 0.5MPa


  • Free Lifestyle Kit ($60 Value)
  • Free Shower Filter ($75 Value)
  • Free Ultra Filters Upgrade ($130 Value)
  • Free Spray Bottle ($50 Value)
  • TM-X Beauty Soap ($25 Value)


  • Platinum Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hint from seven

My review title hint from 7 is a spoonerism for Sent From Heaven. And that must be the place this machine was found I'm one of those people who believe the greatest technology on Earth came From Outer Space or the such. Haha. JK. I know a little about Electronics and this piece of technology is brilliant and is long overdue seeing that dialysis has been around so long and to use the same process to clean water and then pair it to a machine that serves man 4 brilliant ways hydrolyzing, ionizing, alkalizing, and electrolyzing the water is something that someone who doesn't know about that stuff would not realize could do so much for all animals. We creatures need water. Buy it for your pets, because you need only start using this water and next thing you know your life will transform in terms of how well you feel. Here is something that I will endorse completely to everybody who is conscious of the body's needs. I quietly thank Tyent every single day and the talented true inside sales and outside sales people all respectively brilliant, obviously chosen as the ONLY person for the job. You will really enjoy your interaction with these people and it's worth every penny.
As a final note, just wait til you talk to Bob. The Water Guy, and let the cascade begin throughout their departments. ZERO pressure. David in financing... well I could've welled up and shed a tear he was SO kind, and technology support... I forced myself to send them a gift, but Debbie's is a hoot. EVERY word she utters is a gem. You'll see.


This water has ended my stomach and indigestion issues , helped with my anxiety and has made my overall health feel better than ever. Thank you Tyent.