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Water Ionizer Filters

Shop Water Ionizer Filters at Carbon Wellness. We proudly carry industry-leading Water Ionizer Filters made by Tyent. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Tyent's filters ensure the cleanest and most revitalizing water for you and your family. Make the healthy choice with Tyent's Water Ionizer Filters, and experience the difference today.

Tyent is a brand trusted by thousands worldwide. As innovators in the water ionizer industry, they constantly innovate to deliver water with the most extensive pH range and highest antioxidant capacity available. 

Tyent is dedicated to supplying water that is not only fresh and pure but also alkaline, ionized, and rich in hydrogen, offering health advantages. Their commitment extends to empowering consumers to transform ordinary tap water into a safe, drinkable source abundant in antioxidants, energy, and other health-promoting elements.

Tyent filters can clean up to 951 gallons of water, lasting about six months if you use around 5 gallons per day. These filters are powerful tools to get rid of common contaminants like dirt, chlorine, and heavy metals. But it doesn't stop there.

A third-party lab confirmed that Tyent's "Ultra Plus" filters can also remove hundreds of other harmful toxins like weed killers, bug killers, and drugs.

In addition, these filters clean water as thoroughly as kidney dialysis machines do, with a super-fine filter that catches even tiny particles. With Tyent’s Water Ionizer filters, you're getting some of the purest, healthiest, and safest water possible.

Popular Products

Tyent UCE Ultra PLUS Filter Set: Fits UCE-9000 and UCE-11 Water Ionizers 

Tyent UCE-13 Dialapure Ultra Filter Set: Fits UCE-13 ONLY (does not fit 9 or 11-plate UCE) 

Tyent ACE Ultra Filter Set: Fits 11 & 13 Plate ACE Countertop Water Ionizers 

Our Tyent Water Ionizer Filters are readily accessible for your convenience. Choose between a one-time purchase at $159.00 or subscribe and save 5%, making your purchase only $151.05. Choose the option that best suits your needs for clean and safe water.

What to Consider When Purchasing

Water Ionizer Model: You need to know what type of water ionizer you have as not all filters fit all ionizers. Make sure to choose the filter that matches your device.

Contaminants Removed: Different filters remove different contaminants. Be sure to select a filter that eliminates the specific contaminants you're concerned about.

Filter Lifespan: Filters need to be replaced regularly. Check how long a filter lasts before it needs to be replaced and consider if it fits your lifestyle.

Installation and Maintenance: Some filters might be easy to install and replace, while others could require a professional. Consider your own ability to maintain the system.

Certifications: Certifications can give you confidence that the filter will perform as promised. Look for a filter that's been certified by reputable organizations. 

Brand Reputation: Consider the reputation of the brand. A well-established brand is likely to provide a high-quality product and good customer support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the filtration level of Tyent's Ultra Filters?
Tyent's Ultra Filters for the ACE-11 & 13 use a .01 micron filtration level, the same as what is used in kidney dialysis machines. This ensures the purest, healthiest, and safest alkaline water available.

What certifications do Tyent's Ultra Filters have?
Tyent's Ultra Filters are certified to NSF42 and NSF 53 standards. All testing has been undertaken by independent laboratories, ensuring their efficiency and safety.

What is the lifespan of Tyent's Ultra Filters?
Tyent filters have a 951-gallon cycle. This is equivalent to around 6 months of use when passing the standard 5 gallons of water per day.

Can I install the filters myself?
Yes, Tyent's Ultra Filters are designed to be user-friendly and can typically be installed without the need for a professional. However, you should always refer to your ionizer's manual or the filter instructions for specific installation guidance.

Do you ever run any special promotions on these products?
We offer both a one-time purchase option and a subscription service for Tyent's Ultra Filters. Choose what suits you best - buy just once, or subscribe and save 5% on every filter. Plus, we make the deal even better by offering fast and free shipping on all our products. If you’d like a special discount on any of our Tyent water ionizer filters, just reach out to our friendly customer support team, and we’d be happy to help you.

Tyent is dedicated to advancing health and wellness through innovative, superior-quality water ionizers & filters.

If you need help selecting the right Tyent Water Ionizer Filter for you or your family, feel free to email us at or call us at 888-963-9454, and we’d be happy to help.