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OxyLife 2ATA – Premium Multiplace Oxygen Therapy Chambers

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OxyLife 2ATA – Premium Multiplace Oxygen Therapy Chambers

Meet the OxyLife 2ATA – Premium Multiplace Oxygen Therapy Chamber. Designed as spacious and comfortable pods, these 2.0 ATA Hyperbaric Chambers serve as your sanctuary for rejuvenating hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions. With the ability to accommodate multiple users at the same time, our chambers allow for collective therapeutic experiences, akin to a group fitness class, but with the shared benefits of oxygen therapy.

Adaptable for various needs, the OxyLife 2ATA chambers are available in Mini & Maxi Multiplace models. These chambers are designed for repeated use and cater to clinics with a consistent influx of patients. With features to allow control from the inside and outside, they are designed to streamline your staffing needs. They come in 2, 4, or 5-seater options, and can accommodate cardio equipment like a stationary bike for gentle exercise during the therapy sessions.

The installation of the OxyLife 2ATA chambers is a breeze. They are uniquely designed as the only multiplace chambers to fit through a standard doorway. The three separate sections (70 cm x 190 cm each) can pass through regular-sized door frames, eliminating the need for structural changes to your building. Moreover, the modular design enables easy dismantling and reassembly at a different location when required.

Comfort is inherent in the design of the OxyLife 2ATA chambers. They feature flexible seals and gaskets that prevent gas leakage and maintain the chamber's pressure. For optimal space usage, foldable seats are provided, with an option for wheelchair access. Upon request, a stationary bike can also be fitted into the chamber.

The OxyLife 2ATA Chambers deliver commercial and technical advantages. With minimal running and maintenance costs, they promise a favorable return on investment. Their modular build allows easy integration into existing facilities. Designed for up to five people, they have a low floor space ratio and require little to no supervision. Timers and counters for independent operation make the experience even more user-friendly.

Safety, comfort, and convenience are at the core of the OxyLife 2ATA design. The chambers are air-filled, eliminating the need for oxygen cylinders, and operate quietly. An automatic depressurization system comes into action in the event of a power failure. The antibacterial interior of the chamber ensures a clean and safe environment.

The OxyLife 2ATA chambers are a valuable addition to various environments, including wellness and spa centers, fitness and sports centers, beauty salons, and chiropractic clinics. Even at home, you can enjoy the many benefits of these chambers. The OxyLife 2ATA – Premium Multiplace Oxygen Therapy Chambers are committed to making each therapy session a step towards strength, health, energy, and pain relief. Begin your wellness journey today with OxyLife 2ATA!


  • Multiplace Functionality: This chamber accommodates multiple users, providing a communal therapeutic experience. An in-chamber observer or assistant ensures safety and seamless operation.
  • Optimized Resource Management: Designed for clinics with high patient volume, OxyLife 2ATA helps streamline staff requirements, enhancing operational efficiency through innovative design and dual computer operation.
  • Portable and Modular: Easily transported and assembled inside buildings without structural modifications, the OxyLife 2ATA is the only multiplace chamber that fits through a standard doorway. Its modular design allows for easy relocation.
  • Interior Comfort: The OxyLife 2ATA offers flexible seating, optimal space usage, and wheelchair accessibility. It is designed to maximize comfort while maintaining pressure integrity with strategic seal placements.
  • Highly Cost-effective: Delivering superior results with minimal maintenance, the OxyLife 2ATA offers an affordable yet premium therapeutic solution, ensuring excellent return on investment.
  • Advanced Safety Features: The chamber is equipped with a dual over-pressure safety mechanism, automatic depressurization during power failure, two layers of air filters, and a patient quick-stop button for enhanced safety.
  • Customizable Experience: With optional features like air conditioning, sound, and video, the OxyLife 2ATA provides a personalized therapeutic experience for each user.
  • Technical Specifications: Constructed from white aluminum, this chamber supports usage periods of 30 to 600 minutes and offers a maximum oxygen density of 32%.


  • Dimensions: 30 inches, 31.5 inches, 35.5 inches
  • Weight: To be confirmed
  • Includes: Color touchscreen, BIBS mask, Medical grade tubing, Ear equalizer, Interphone, Caster Wheels
  • Power source: Electric
  • Add-ons: Air conditioning (Optional), Video + Sound (Optional), Oxygen Concentrator (Optional)

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